Start-Up Advisory

About the company

We works with innovative and disruptive early-stage companies, providing startup advisory services related to valuation, business plan/financial model review, due diligence, and deal support.

We have worked with numerous early-stage companies, some of which have grown to become market leaders. Our team members have a diverse and significant track record working with entrepreneurs.

We understand the nuances pertaining to early-stage companies

Services We Offer

Valuation Advisory Services

  • Development of financial projections /financial model review
  • Employee share-based payments valuation, including options, RSUs, PIUs and other structures
  • Business valuations to support capital raises or investment decisions, tax valuations
  • Valuation of intellectual property (IP), including patents, trade secrets, data, and pharma/biologic pipelines
  • Analysis of alternative monetization strategies (licensing, sale, collaboration, etc.) and structures (earnouts, milestones, etc.)

Investigations and Intelligence

  • Market entry support
  • Competitor intelligence

Tax Advice

  • Assistance with structuring of plans
  • Financial impact analysis
  • Tax implication

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